The CHECKLIST Manifesto

The central theory involves an understanding of the distinction between errors of ignorance, and errors of ineptitude. Essentially making a mistake because you did not know better, and making a mistake because you executing what you do know incorrectly.

Read Every Day!

This past weekend I accomplished one of my primary goals for 2018, and finished reading my 10th book for the year. I have my entire life struggled with being extremely frustrated with reading so slowly it has halted my desire, so this was a big one. As a brief retrospective Read more…

The China Study

I don’t know where to begin when talking about The China Study. Authors T. Colin Campbell and Thomas Campbell have forever changed how I will look at food and health. This book was recommended to me from a colleague who espoused the immense benefits of a vegan lifestyle after sharing a conversation Read more…

Never Split the Difference

The general idea behind Never Split the Difference is that you should view a negotiation as an attempt to get what you want, rather than a compromise where both parties get slightly less than what they want. I believe the best and simplest example of this is the black/brown shoe example shared by Mr. Voss; if your wife wants you to wear black shoes, and you prefer brown, you do not compromise by wearing one of each, because then neither you nor your wife are actually pleased with the result.