Must have Vagrant plugins

Landrush If you’re a full-stack developer or otherwise involved in multi-tiered application development, you’ll often find your applications littered with various subdomains. For example api, kb, mail, etc. These can be incredibly cumbersome to setup locally when developing, and Landrush is the answer. Once installed, you’ll be able to configure countless subdomains with your Read more…

Ansible PHP7 (Ubuntu)

You can download and use the role here: roles/php7/tasks/main.yml


RTFM: Ansible Docs Lifesaver

It’s easy for a developer to reference the mantra “RTFM” (read the f***ing manual) but often they’re really long so that’s hard! Thankfully that paid off and in case anyone else finds Ansible’s Documentation overwhelming, I wanted to point out a lifesaver configuration option:

Now we can reference roles Read more…

Convert Bash script to Ansible Playbook

A simple bash script to provision a virtual host for a wordpress site, called within a Vagrant build.

Converting (and expanding) this to a playbook:

And finally, the call in Vagrant: