One of my personal goals this year was to change some of my personal habits and focus more on personal and professional growth by reading meaningful content.

For me, that meant less Apple News Feed and more Audible and actual physical reading. I try to focus on nonfiction as it gives me a tremendous sense of accomplishment and growth, but given some good feedback from former colleagues and mentors I have made an effort to squeeze some harmless fiction into the mix.

For anyone interested in what a software nerd reads and some minor insights into each book, I’ve shared my list here.

  1. Start With Why – This book has fundamentally changed how I view leadership, and has become a rallying cry for my professional life.
  2. Crushing It! – Few people work as tirelessly as Gary V, and it’s hard to argue the positive impact his philosophy and social media blitz has had on the entrepreneurial world; however for me personally this book could be better summed up as simply “work your butt off.” If I hadn’t previously ready “Grit” by Angela Duckworth,” I may have made it all the way through Crushing It! but unfortunately I could not.
  3. Origin – Shameless fiction and entertainment; worth a quick pleasurable read for those that love a good conspiracy theory and Robert Langdon.
  4. Primed to Perform – This and Start With Why combine to form my personal leadership philosophy. Primed to Perform is a must read for any manager or leader in any capacity.
  5. Never Split The Difference – A great introduction to negotiating life or death, or just a salary increase at work!
  6. The Greatest: My Own Story – Muhammad Ali; filled with ego and insight into what made him the greatest.
  7. The Selfish Gene – My first foray into scientific nonfiction at a serious level. I generally enjoy Mr. Dawkins and his relentless pursuits of science, and this book was exceptional and explaining genetic evolution to the novice.
  8. Factfulness – From Bill Gate’s own recommended reading, this book will change how you think about the world.
  9. Measure What Matters – Indeed; learn to measure what matters; a fantastic read for anyone who wants to set and exceed ambitious goals at work or home.
  10. The China Study – This may end up being the most impactful piece of reading in my life; ever. Recommended by a colleague, The China Study has forever changed how I think about food and personal health. I strongly recommend this to everyone!