AWS Certification

Sr Manager, Software Dev (Sept 2019 – Current)

AWS Amplify makes it easy to create, configure, and implement scalable mobile and web apps powered by AWS. Amplify seamlessly provisions and manages your mobile backend and provides a simple framework to easily integrate your backend with your iOS, Android, Web, and React Native frontends. Amplify also automates the application release process of both your frontend and backend allowing you to deliver features faster.

Leader of AWS Amplify Console, AWS Amplify CLI, AWS Amplify AdminUI, and team delivering top-secret initiative for 2021.

  • Technical leadership and operational excellence; scaling, usability, customer metrics, monitoring, et-al.
  • Personnel management of web developers, software engineers, and designers.
  • Partner with product management, finance, marketing, and developer advocacy teams to grow and manage AWS Amplify business.

VP, Engineering, Cyrus Biotechnology (July 2018 – Sept 2019)

Due to market conditions, Cyrus Biotechnology pivoted to a strategic co-development research biotech, obviating their need for a software division which led to its dissolution.

  • Responsible for all software development ( in partnership with CTO and CSO for all scientific development.
  • Managed roadmap, organizational development, performance management, metrics and monitoring processes, customer success automation, and all day-to-day agile software development.
  • Partnered with Board of Directors & Executive Team to launch new academic/non-profit ( line of business including pricing, business plan, billing and accounting, software development, monitoring and customer success processes.
  • Reduced average feature delivery time from quarters (3-6 months) to sprints (4-6 weeks).
  • Partnered with sales to design, build, and sell new product tiers with specific enterprise integrations.
  • Introduced and converted organization to leverage unique flavor of scrum without impacting the scientific workflow processes.
  • Achieved 2x growth in 2019; correlated directly to increased velocity of software delivery of key features: Ligands, ddG, Academic “Self-Service,” and Homology Model Custom Templates.

Director of Engineering, Sterling Talent Solutions (Dec 2016 – Aug 2018)

Award winning Human Resources, Recruiting, and OnBoarding software-as-a-service provider.

  • Responsible for team of ~25 SDE/SDET engineers across multiple teams.
  • Created and ran team that built internal “decoupling” tool that took >13 year old legacy PHP code and “split” it to a pseudo-MVC platform that we could localize. The decoupling tool automated a significant amount of manual work crawling through tens of thousands of files with deeply coupled HTML/PHP/Javascript.
  • Partnered with both company QA Team Leads across all platforms and products to implement improvements in QA, deployment, and engineering automation with Jenkins pipelines, docker-compose, maven/gradle, et-al.
  • Architected and implemented core platform improvements (in parallel with ongoing product development of other teams) to follow modern design patterns and engineering workflows.
  • Implemented workflow improvements across all teams for QA, Engineering, and SRE (resulting in >$1.5million recurring savings annually)
  • Architected and implemented “database as code” for automated synchronicity between all environments.
  • Architected and implemented standard automated builds for all shared libraries.
  • Designed and implemented unified build pipeline for all microservices and APIs for SterlingONE.
  • Unified infrastructure for standardized environment management using containers.
  • Recruited, built, and managed team that implemented i18n and l10n across the entire organization; globally supporting the launch in Canada & UK.
  • Lead platform engineering efforts for modernizing architecture of the core SterlingONE products (~500m revenue).
  • Migrated platform infrastructure from datacenter model to containers (docker), micro-services, and APIs.
  • Implemented standards across all teams for all software libraries shared across products, as well as maintenance and deployment pipelines
  • Lead all implementation of AWS services and infrastructure improvements with Infrastructure/Architecture teams.
  • Implemented unit/integration/sanity testing frameworks within core platform for all Java and PHP services.
  • Created and ran continuous-education across all teams in Seattle for AWS Certification and other ongoing learnings with weekly “Lunch & Learn” sessions.

Software Development Director, Fresh Consulting (Nov 2015 – Apr 2017)

Full service digital partner design and development consultancy firm. Top 100 Places to Work, Seattle Business 2016.

Responsible for architecting, leading, and engineering high profile projects for variety of clients using the latest technologies while mentoring and coaching developers.

Contributed to several thought leadership topics on the company blog, including Version Your Database, Plan Out Your Tech Stack, and Drupal 8 Migration.

Local expert and thought leader on:

  • Software & Testing
  • LAMP application development (Laravel, Symfony, Magento, Drupal)
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Application Security (PCI & HIPAA compliance, best practices)
  • Data Modeling (normalization, performance, database design)
  • Automated billing and eCommerce (woocommerce, magento, chargify, recurly)

Some of the projects I have been responsible for and/or led the efforts of:

  • Band of Hands ( – AWS infrastructure, Laravel 5 API, native mobile applications for iOS and Android.
  • Trutina Financial ( – Azure infrastructure, .NET API, Angular SPA frontend. Plans for and architected to support a native mobile application.
  • Continental Mills – Drupal 7 maintenance and AWS infrastructure build and support for multiple brand websites.
  • Talking Rain – Management and ongoing maintenance and support for Rackspace production environments of Sparkling Ice and Talking Rain web properties.
  • CBRE ( – Python (Django) backend API, Angular SPA frontend, Ionic ported mobile application build, automated Jenkins testing and deployment of mobile and web applications. AWS infrastructure using 15+ AWS services.
  • BenBridge ( – Maintenance and support of Demandware inventory systems, processes and automation. Migration of non demandware applications to AWS using ~6 AWS services.
  • InventValue ( – AWS infrastructure using ~8 services, Laravel 5 MVC web application leveraging Angular and jQuery frontend. Manage development team of 5-10 depending on sprint capacity.
  • TechnologyStacker ( – Azure infrastructure, .NET MVC application with SQL Server 2008. Manage team of 5-6 depending on sprint capacity.

Vice President, Technology, Vennli (Feb 2013 – Nov 2015)

The customer choice visualization & analytics platform that gathers real-time insights about what’s most important to customers and why they choose you vs. your competition. The product then visualizes data in an intuitive way that quickly leads to actions aligned with customer needs.

I was a founding (one of four) member of the company responsible for taking the product from concept to market by estimating development efforts, recruiting and building the technology and product teams, and running the ongoing development and maintenance of the product (

  • Development workflow using Vagrant, Chef, and Virtualbox for simple “vagrant up” installs of all developers, designers, and contractors. (Later migrated to Ansible from Chef).
  • Setting up VOIP phone system at the South Bend location.
  • Setting up local network using Cisco hardware
    • This was blended with our local subnet in AWS for a dedicated tunnel to Test and Staging stacks accessible only locally from the office or via VPN through the south bend location.
  • Prototyped and estimated all development efforts and financing needs based on product roadmap as outlined with founders. I participated in investor pitches and presentations to outline and demo the technologies used and our estimates.
    • I was instrumental in participating in ongoing funding efforts for bridge rounds and Series A & B by regularly exceeding deliverable expectations and estimation accuracy.
  • Atlassian software tools for all internal operations, development, and project management.
    • JIRA Scrum for all development efforts using two week sprints with two days of dedicated regression QA.
    • Managed and maintained two simultaneous development teams; one for ongoing feature development and another for maintenance of existing product.
  • Responsible for implementing several cultural elements of the company referenced from the best-selling book “REWORK” by 37 Signals (now Basecamp) founders.
  • Architected and implemented technology infrastructure using Amazon Web Services with services like AMIs w/ EC2 (later EC2CS), Cloud Formation, Cloudfront, Cloudwatch (with New Relic), IAM, S3, Glacier, RDS, Elastic Load Balancing, Auto Scaling, ElastiCache, Route53, Amazon VPC, CodeDeploy, Command Line Tool, and more.
  • Led all engineering efforts of product development, quality assurance, testing, and product design (with Chief Product Officer).

Software Engineer III, DLS Internet Services (Jul 2009 – Feb 2013)

DLS is an internet services company specializing in colocation services, consulting, wireless internet service, custom software development (via subsidiary DLS Software Studios), and a proprietary Hosted PBX SaaS application

  • Led small team building the interface and reporting tools for (now using jQuery, jQuery-UI.
  • Assisted in provisioning and automating processes for onboarding new clients.
  • Managed and developed automating billing processes via Quickbase, banking institutions, and subscription billing services.
  • Initiated all efforts to move from legacy PHP3 to WordPress for all internal intranet and internet properties.

Application Developer, Nestle (2008-2009)

Lead development of PPE application from concept to delivery; an enterprise reporting system for labor management and efficiency tracking and aggregate warehouse performance monitoring.

Developer, (2006-2008)

  • Re-engineered affiliate launch process and improved sales-to-production time by 50% for new customers.
  • Built data parsers for some of the largest newspapers in the world to run on and

Principal, Consultant (2002 – Current)

Small consultancy specializing in building custom websites and applications.

  • The Bathroom Sink ( – Organize and automate your bathroom purchases on a defined schedule based on your defined usage (recurring purchases before Amazon supported it on most things). Integrated with Amazon affiliate program, Chargify recurring billing system, and custom designed solution using AWS. Additional technologies included Symfony, Angular, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Doctrine.
  • AZK12 ( – The Arizona K12 Center serves as a vital hub connecting Arizona’s educators with the most current best practices in professional development. Used Drupal7 (multi-step-forms, views, feeds) and a custom payment handling process using PayPal.
  • Saint Luke’s Health System ( – Saint Luke’s Health System includes 10 hospitals across the Kansas City region, home care and hospice, behavioral health care, dozens of physician practices, and more. Used Drupal7, focused mostly on implementing solr search and apache configuration and performance tuning.
  • onInvesting ( – Get the latest perspective from Schwab experts on finance, investing, and retirement planning. Drupal7 custom feeds, parsers, processors, and content types to aggregate globally syndicated news sources from Charles Schwab to a singular format that was then piped into the subscriber-only iPad application.
  • Healthy Points – Community driven initiatives and networking of individuals sharing long term and/or chronic illnesses or medical conditions. Custom solution implementing HIPAA compliant AWS infrastructure. Built with a Laravel 5.2 API and Angular frontend that was ported to a mobile application.
  • Corning Museum of Glass ( – Redesigned their development workflow and deployment processes using Ansible and Acquia.
  • Blendtique ( as seen on shark tank! – eCommerce wine shop; create your very own custom wine blend!
  • Some other projects include:
    • (payments, credit checks, processing orders)
    • (full custom ecommerce website)
    • (Drupal6 – Drupal8 migration, maintenance)
    • (simple job finder and recruiter job placement)

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