1. With school resuming in the coming weeks many parents are struggling to find day care, balance work schedules, and still manage their good faith of their own job.
  2. Do not schedule “virtual happy hours” after hours; even if they’re “optional.” The first thought everyone will have will be “I know it’s optional but if I don’t show up my boss will notice.” When you do this, you simply extend the work day.
  3. Despite the countless video chats and meetings riddling your day, your employees, colleagues, and co-workers still deserve an honest 1 on 1 meeting where you provide candid feedback and reassure them they are safe.
  4. Add 5-15 mins buffer at the beginning/end of each meeting. Everyone deserves a chance to reset their eyes, or stretch their legs. Or frankly just a chance to not stare at a screen for a few moments.
  5. Encourage (force if necessary) your team to take days off. Make it clear they will not be expected to check email, or “be around for an emergency” or any other veiled excuse. Give them a chance to entirely and literally disconnect.
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