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It’s literally the least we can do as developers, but it’s worth doing. Here’s how to simply rename your master branch to main (or anything but master) and update your AWS Amplify app as well.

git checkout origin master
git checkout -b main
git push origin main

Now, in Github, go to Settings > Branches in your repository:

First, connect your new branch in AWS Amplify by clicking Connect a Branch on your application.

Now add your new main branch

Next, in AWS Amplify, change your default production branch

In App Settings > General and then look for “Change Production Branch” and set to your new default.

Finally, disconnect master from your application.

Using Custom Domains for AWS Amplify? Don’t forget to update your root domain:

You’ll probably want to physically delete the branch from git as well

// delete branch locally
git branch -d master

// delete branch remotely
git push origin --delete master