I recently upgraded the home setup to leverage my old Canon T6i as my new office “webcam” and replaced the Razer Kiyo because despite it being fantastic quality video, the auto-focus frankly sucks.

I tried the EOS Webcam Utility which was incredibly simple and straight forward, but unfortunately a little spotty and doesn’t work for Amazon Chime nor Skype, so that was a no go despite working beautifully for OBS and streaming.

I then tried to CamLink 4K from Elgato along with the Elgato Multi Mount & Flex Arm Kit. The mount and flex arm kit work wonderfully.

Unfortunately the CamLink 4K does not completely support my T6i Rebel Canon, and did not have Clean HDMI nor support for Amazon Chime.

In the end, I opted for the OG SparkoCam, and a ACK-E18 power adapter for the DSLR to work as a permanent webcam with a handy software implementation and the results are pretty spectacular.

Canon T6i w/ SparkoCam (left), and Razer Kiyo (right).

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