One of my 2020 goals is to diversify outside of the standard 401k. This serves two purposes. Predominantly as a curious person I am interested in learning more about the markets and have the luxury of the means to do so. Secondly, financially speaking it’s just a good idea.

I cannot yet say that I’ve accomplished the goal; far from it. However I have managed to take the first step and was recently approved at Robinhood which I think is a great opportunity to dive in.

To sweeten the pot they even give you a free share of stock. I’m not sure what the cap is, but I can’t imagine GOOG or AMZN are in the pot of options. I managed to score a share of GPRO.


One of the interesting philosophies I have become quite interested in is the strategy of principle investing.

“a comprehensive and fundamental law, doctrine, or assumption

I’m still in the process of isolating what my specific doctrine is, but after doing quite a bit of research into various hedge funds and financial institutions that follow similar guiding ideals, I am confident this is the way I want to approach this.

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