In 2018 I began posting my goals to the universe in an attempt to make myself more accountable for them. I am tracking them here along with details for my own benefit, and perhaps anyone else who may find any use in my code related exercises.

Sticking with the trend, I am extending my “Read 10 Books” goal to 12 books. As with 2018 and 2019, the value from reading is hard to measure exactly, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t substantial!

Writing Them Down

If I write a goal down it becomes more of a task than a fleeting thought; then these posts effectively become more of an accountability measure for me than anything else.

Read 12 Books
Build a Gaming Project
Complete two major woodworking projects
Lose 25 lbs
Build an investment portfolio
Launch Side Hustle
Brew a Homebrew IPA with garden hops

Read 12 Books

In addition to reading at least twelve unique books for the year, I want to diversify what kinds of books I read, spending slightly less time on the business management or “self improvement” genre, and get back into fantasy in particular.

  1. So Good They Can’t Ignore You
  2. The Time of Contempt (Book 2)
  3. What Would the Rockefellers do
  4. Working in Public: The Making and Maintenance of Open Source Software
  5. The Promised Land

Build a Gaming Project

I have ascended to best Dad ever and now manage a Minecraft server for my kids and their close friends and cousins.

Complete Two Major Woodworking Projects

  1. A New Pantry
  2. Building a Classroom for the kids
  3. Mother’s Day Woodworking Project

Lose 25 pounds

This was a glorious failure. I have been unable (unwilling) to maintain the exercise routine I had under “normal” circumstances, and worse yet working so close to a fully stocked kitchen 24/7 has been a constant test of my will-power of which I have not had much success.

This year I gained ~10 lbs.

Build an Investment Portfolio

One of the luxuries of my career is to now be a stockholder of AMZN. In addition to this, I have begun investing, and plan to share some of these experiences next year.

Launch Side Hustle

Brew a Homebrew IPA with garden hops

I have acquired the kit to homebrew Hopslam! by Bells Brewery!