One of the driving forces for relocating to the pacific northwest several years ago was to make a concerted effort to be more connected to “the outdoors.”

I have since then made a concerted effort to as often as I am able capitalize on the opportunities we have here, particularly in my very own back yard.

This morning while walking our dog I managed to capture some stunning displays of nature and the transformation of the landscape as we enter winter.

For example the photo I managed to capture here where I thought I was simply taking a photo of a purple fungi until I noticed it moving!

What I thought was a purple moss of fungi turned out to be something entirely different.
Holding a dog leash while zooming on an iPhone is most certainly not the most effective way to get a nature shot. Please excuse my unsteady hand.

Later, I stumbled upon a very tiny reservoir of water that some amphibian has in short order turned into a nursery!

Last but not least, I did not have to go very far to capture some amazing moss taking hold of some nursery trees, which made for a beautiful cover of countless stumps.