I have long looked to Salesforce as both the pioneer and the exemplary north star for all SaaS companies from a business perspective.

In fact, one of the startups I worked for years ago as a founding member unabashedly copied several of the core business models of Salesforce.

I will also admit to having a growing interest in its founder and Co-CEO Marc Benioff as he has been very vocal and at the forefront of many issues that I believe are shining examples of leadership from a social, economic and business perspective.

After reading The Infinite Game I made a choice to actively look for biographies and auto-biographies on/by leaders who I believe display that type of thinking and leadership, and the title of this book alone could have been enough if not for my already piqued curiosity.

After reading this book I can say that my original assumptions and perceptions of Mr. Benioff were largely confirmed. Mr. Benioff demonstrates humility, leadership, and forward thinking that all companies can and should learn from.

His approach to leadership at Salesforce and in San Francisco as a human being are things I would love to see followed.

Furthermore, this book gives a great historical view of the company I have long looked up to and shed further light on several of the key initiatives Salesforce has undergone which make for a very entertaining read in its own right.