The Infinite Game is the latest from Simon Sinek, and as far as I’m concerned it picks up exactly where he left off with Leaders Eat Last. This is a continuation of the leadership philosophy that began with Start With Why many years ago and continues to be the passion and mission of Mr. Sinek.

The lessons and anecdotes in The Infinite Game are meaningful, real.

My personal key takeaways that made this meaningful:

  1. Focusing on winning will all but guarantee you will not win, while focusing on always being better will ensure you always do get better.
  2. Life is not a zero sum game. In virtually everything there is room for everyone to be successful. View competitors as respectable rivals instead of competing for who is “best.”
  3. Organizations that have a just cause (or a “why”) will ultimately continue to thrive because they can play the infinite game. Profit or “winning” or “being the best at {X}” will never equate to a just cause.
  4. Ethical decay at an organization is the result of poor leadership, while strong cultures (Apple, Amazon, Patagonia, Microsoft) are the result of strong leadership.
  5. Doing the right thing can work even as a for-profit business!

The Infinite Game is a must read for anyone who aspires to be a leader.

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