Today was my first day working at Amazon (AWS).

I’m blessed with the privilege to lead the Amplify Console team within the AWS Amplify group, and I could not be more excited.

The AWS Amplify Console provides a Git-based workflow for deploying and hosting fullstack serverless web applications. A fullstack serverless app consists of a backend built with cloud resources such as GraphQL or REST APIs, file and data storage, and a frontend built with single page application frameworks such as React, Angular, Vue, or Gatsby. 

Fullstack serverless web applications functionality is often spread across frontend code running in the browser and backend business logic running in the cloud. This makes application deployment complex and time consuming as you need to carefully coordinate release cycles to ensure your frontend and backend are compatible, and new features do not break your production customers.

The Amplify Console accelerates your application release cycle by providing a simple workflow for deploying full-stack serverless applications. You just connect your application’s code repository to Amplify Console, and changes to your frontend and backend are deployed in a single workflow on every code commit.

If you have ever wanted to, or already do build serverless web or mobile applications, AWS Amplify will change the way you do so forever. Amplify is a collection of frameworks, SDKs, CLI, and an elegant console that enable and empower all developers of all sizes to build, deploy, and host their mobile and web applications.

I could not have found a more passion aligned team to work with and I am extremely excited to begin this journey with the Amplify Console team.