So I apparently beat #AssassinsCreedOdyssey but didn’t even realize until I got an email recapping my choices and congratulating me on finishing. I am really conflicted on if this is a good or bad thing because it clearly demonstrates the other quest lines are engaging but also really demonstrates poor design because the Cultist and Family storylines are so closely related, but apparently also aren’t? That’s supremely disappointing.

Alexios spends all this time trying to help mom reunite the family, and after decades of torture and manipulation of Deimos, we show her grandpa’s spear and she’s like pavlov’d out of the cult? And then Mom and I are like oh cool no biggie about those remaining folks who brainwashed your sister into leading a murderous cult, let’s go have dinner with your stepdad who intended to kill you both, and your step-brother who replaced you and also tried to kill you. ROLLCREDITS?! Really?

I mean come-on I’m cool with all the liberties and silliness but nobody on the design team bothered to step back and think about this?

This game was a genuine pleasure and I really enjoyed it, right up to the moment I beat it on accident.

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