After owning a Tesla for ~8 months now, I can hardly count the number of times since then I have had to fill up a tank of gas with our other family vehicle. However, the other day I did, and while doing so I was struck by the revelation that every second I stood at the gas pump waiting for the tank to fill up was a small sliver of my life I would never get back.

It reminded me of the Seinfeld skit about painting his apartment, and how his living space just felt… smaller.


So the nerd in me decided to do some calculations.

Some quick google sleuthing revealed the average tank of gas takes approximately 12 minutes to fill from empty to full. With my daily commute of ~60 miles per day, I would average filling up every ~4th day. If I started Monday with a full tank of gas, I’d be filling up by Thursday; Friday morning if I felt lucky. If we project that out for a full year, that would equal approximately 91 gas-station stops in a year. I’ll be generous and take five off the top of that for a couple week-long vacations and working from home throughout the year. That brings the total stops to 86 per year.

86 stops per year * 12 minutes per stop = 1,032 minutes (17.2 hours) per year at a gas station

Charging vs. Pumping Gas

Now you may be saying to yourself; this guy is full of shit, because charging takes way more time and that’s torture. Except, I do literally all of my charging while I am either sleeping (charging at home), working (charging at my work garage), or shopping (grocery store, etc). The marginal increase in time to plug my vehicle into the charging station is mere seconds and not fairly representative or comparative to the gas station stop.

Pro-rated for the ~8 months I’ve owned my Tesla; the Fremont company has returned ~13 hours of my life back to me so far!