Admittedly, I have been meaning to read this for a long while, but have tempered myself because I am rapidly becoming a Simon Sinek fanatic and want to make sure I do not fall victim to my own personal bias.

However as much as I try, I cannot help sponging up the contents of Leaders Eat Last without hesitation. I find the book immeasurably valuable both as a leader and as a (technically) Millenial myself. The breakdowns of the generations and their strengths and shortcomings certainly generalizes quite a bit, but I nevertheless found it incredibly useful to get a general idea if nothing else.

Perhaps the most valuable anecdote I can share from the book is that empathy and safety are the two most important facets of leadership. A leader must provide a circle of safety and be empathetic to the people they are responsible for (see the clip below).

Why Organizations Need a Circle of Safety

Needless to say, I unequivocally recommend Leaders Eat Last book to anyone.

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The Infinite Game - Jake Litwicki · October 19, 2019 at 4:47 pm

[…] from Simon Sinek, and as far as I’m concerned it picks up exactly where he left off with Leaders Eat Last. This is a continuation of the leadership philosophy that began with Start With Why many years ago […]

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