Following up on the Nintendo (NES) Restoration I attempted not long ago, it was time to do the same with my old Super Nintendo.

Security Bit Steel Set

The reason for this not happening the same time as the original NES is because I was waiting for a Security Bit to safely disassemble the unit. I opted for the Security Bit Steel SET from Amazon to get the job done.

Once apart, disassembling was pretty straight forward, but there was a minor scare removing the circuit board for the controllers; don’t be alarmed, this piece does slide out very unusually (see below).

Circuit Board for SNES Controllers

The remainder of the disassembly went off pretty smoothly, with the only other hiccup being frankly just how gross the interior of the closure was; particularly the female ports for the controllers. Beyond that, the parts were all cleaned and the device powered on without issue. I did have a couple cartridges to try, but looking at them I had only barely more than 0% confidence they would load, so I am in the same holding pattern as the Original NES; waiting for games to see if the effort was worth it.

Stay tuned!