This morning I kicked off our internal lunch-and-learn sessions here at Cyrus Bio where we spent time earlier today brainstorming topics we’d like to share and/or investigate as a team.

At Cyrus, a Lunch & Learn is an open and optional session where our team and I share things we have learned or want to learn more about with the rest of the team. They are great opportunities for us to stay on top of new bleeding edge technology and see what makes sense to leverage for our ongoing deliverables. 

Furthermore, it serves as a great opportunity for folks to get experience speaking in front of others and staying fresh with relevant technology, practices, and tools. It also doubles as a great way to disseminate knowledge cross functionally to our scientists and executives and vice versa.

I’m personally very excited to demo and share on on CodePipeline and Agile software philosophy; and thrilled to dive deeper into k8s, Jaeger, custom Jira plugins, SAM, gRPC and so many other exciting tech talks with our supremely talented engineers here.

What are your teams learning and exploring?

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