The last several years it has been difficult to not admire the transformation of Microsoft under its new leadership, and as I’ve become more intrigued I saw Hit Refresh as a great opportunity to understand how.

I found the first half of the book very interesting; particularly in getting a first hand accounting of Mr. Nadella’s background and how he came to be the CEO of one of the most iconic and profitable companies in the world.

However, the second half of the book evolved into posturing and vocabulary banter that offered no real insight or inspiration, coupled with an absurd amount of references to things like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Mixed Reality and a host of other buzzwords.

If not for the corporate-speak and countless references it could have been far more of an enjoyable dissension into “technology” through the eyes of Mr. Nadella. Unfortunately I found the latter half of the book to be a vague sales pitch for Azure and of Microsoft as a holier than thou corporation; the latter of which I do sincerely hope to play out as Mr. Nadella projects.