I don’t know where to begin when talking about The China Study. Authors T. Colin Campbell and Thomas Campbell have forever changed how I will look at food and health.

This book was recommended to me from a colleague who espoused the immense benefits of a vegan lifestyle after sharing a conversation about evolving there myself after some horrifying revelations about dairy; aided heavily by an aggressive dairy allergy in the family.

What makes this so profoundly impactful of a read is the abundance of diligence and thoughtfulness into the counter-arguments that were inevitable and numerous with respect to the findings. As someone who has been oft a naysayer of Vegetarians and Vegans (let alone WFPB) the authors literally had an answer for everything before I could even conjure it. The science is undeniable and the irony is the silver bullet for health and wellness we’ve all longed for is right in front of our faces.

The most succinct thing I can share quite simply is that this book needs to be ready by everyone; it’s really that simple. All through my life and well beyond my college years I was a red blooded carnivore and proud of it. I had a fair amount of vegetables but was certainly picky.

As expected, there is a glutton of critique and vitriol for both the book and its authors; particularly the supposed “vegetarian agenda” of which I find ironic, as it’s clear if you read the book the agenda (if there were one) clearly articulates vegetarian diets as being arguably as bad or even worse in some cases to the “American diet” — mainly because of the abundance of dairy and sugar to compensate for a lack of fat from animal protein.

In any case, I found this to be exceptionally well written and articulated, and have immediately begun making changes for my family.

Reading The China Study has changed me forever, and I do not know how better to recommend this book other than to encourage everyone read and share it with everyone they care about.