John Doerr has done the unthinkable with Measure What Matters, and has made corporate goals and their management an undertaking of interest and awe.

As someone deeply interested in maturing and growing software engineering teams, goals are constantly unattainable corporate wish lists, or too self serving for the organization to really support.

Thus they wither and die time and time again.

I genuinely enjoyed the real life examples and finished this book feeling like goal setting could again be a valuable activity that was beneficial for both the individuals on my teams, and the organization as a whole. Magic, I know!

Coupled with Start With Why the information here leads beautifully into what to best use as a starting point for your organizations stretch goals.

OKRs, or Objectives and Key Results form the foundational principle behind Measure What Matters and is beautifully simple to understand, articulate, and prove its worth. What a pleasure to read; I’m finishing this book feeling motivated!