As part of my goals for 2018 I’m on a quest to read 10 books. In the interest of diversifying and trying to also better myself, I have tried mightily to balance fiction, non-fiction and business/technology into the mix of books.

Most recently after a very exciting career change I thought it would accomplish all of the above by tackling a topic I have generally avoided due to fear and ignorance; science.

So how hard could it be to start with The Selfish Gene, by Richard Dawkins? As I began the first chapter I thought for sure I would fall victim to the warnings of depression and/or despair, particularly as someone who suffers from anxiety. Furthermore, given my (at best) junior high educational background in biology, I prepared for the worst.

I am thrilled to not only have tackled this mountain of knowledge, but to confidently walk away with a truly invigorated curiosity in biology and chemistry, particularly as it is directly involved in my new day-to-day working at a Biotechnology firm building software that empowers scientists to design and model proteins.

Despite ~40 years of time, and the complexity of the topic, this is a superb book written by a brilliant man of which I would recommend to anyone with any level of interest in biology and how and why things in nature are the way they are.