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— Cyrus Biotechnology, a biotech software company offering tools for advanced protein modeling and discovery in drug development, has named Jake Litwicki its VP of engineering.

According to a news release, Litwicki will lead software engineering for the Cyrus Bench Software as a Service platform which speeds development of new drugs and products sold to client firms in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology therapeutics, synthetic biology and consumer products.

Prior to joining Cyrus, Litwicki led software engineering teams and spearheaded the transition to more modern cloud architectures at a custom software development firm, a marketing technology startup, and most recently as the leader of the platform, global and microservice teams at Sterling Talent Solutions.

“Jake is a seasoned technical leader with experience across a variety of company and team sizes, with a proven ability to bring widely used software to the market and to drive improvement and best practices in an engineering organization,” Lucas Nivon, CEO of Cyrus, said in a statement. “Jake’s passion for software engineering, architecture and leadership will make him an important part of our growth as we add scientific users at companies worldwide.”
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