As we embark on more growth at SterlingTS our hiring continues to increase which leads to a lot of resumes, phone calls, and interviews. My peers and I have been discussing and taking this process very seriously, but I wanted to share some sentiments to all of my fellow technologists, engineers, and hiring managers.

Everything you do before, during, and after the hiring process is a direct reflection not only on you as a manager, but on the organization you represent. Be consistent, challenging but respectful, and most of all honest, and you will end up with candidates who meet the bar you’ve set, fit the culture and values of your team(s) and will ultimately be more successful.

Don’t let the pressure of hiring convince you to settle for candidates who aren’t an ideal fit in the things that matter most. Similarly, don’t let the pressure of finding a job force you to settle for an employer that isn’t a match if at all possible. Ask the hard questions about the work, and the company, and you’ll be well respected for asking the questions that matter most!

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