Ten things I’m proud of from 2017

  1. Expanded business partnership and hired three developers.
  2. Created and bootstrapped new SaaS app; Tavro.
  3. Joined Sterling Talent Solutions as SaaS leader; built/recruited team, globalized flagship SterlingONE platform and launched globally.
  4. Initiated, ran, and managed several major initiatives at SterlingTS that led to 7 figure savings in engineering and automation improvements.
  5. Learned to identify anxiety driven behaviors; working on managing anxiety!
  6. Learned how to fly-fish!
  7. Spent more time with my kids than every previous year.
  8. Climbed Snow Lake, Little Si & Rattlesnake Mountain.
  9. Traveled more than any previous year; Oregon, Las Vegas (twice!), Chicago, Alaska, Canada.
  10. Celebrated ten years of marriage to the most amazing woman I’ve ever known.
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