Recently I was told by the WordPress app that my site was in fact not a WordPress site, which I found a bit odd. Particularly because it certainly is! After sleuthing and debugging I discovered that while on PHP7 this is not an uncommon issue.

After some head scratching, I found that the XML-RPC “api” was failing for a couple reasons.

I received weird “parse error. not well formed” messages, with error code -32700.

If you’re seeing this, or having issues using the WordPress app (or any other API dependent service) with a wordpress site running on PHP7, chances are you’re in the same boat.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
          <value><string>parse error. not well formed</string></value>

Finally, I identified that I simply needed to change my password to not contain non alpha-numeric characters. An odd bug I hope gets resolved soon as that’s a completely unnecessary security limitation!

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