The last several months have given me an opportunity to reflect on the last year since relocating to Seattle, and the experiences that have arisen as a result. All I can say is that despite the obvious feelings of missing family, the life moments that led to my relocating helped shape my world and social view in profoundly positive ways.

I have far more meaningful relationships, and more of them; ironically largely out of being more selfish and worrying less about how others feel. My relationship with my family is deeper and stronger, and strangely we speak more now than when I lived minutes apart.

This year I’ve been able to experience more of the world than ever before, and have grown to truly enjoy the diversity of landscapes, people, and cultures even within the regions of the United States.

Most recently, my wife and I spent a week in Alaska/Canada experiencing more of the Pacific Northwest, and I am forever in awe.

Life is good!

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