Ever wanted to create a simple dropdown of all the Entity classes you have mapped in Doctrine? I have! For a recent project I needed to create a sample API form and load the entity type first, so I needed a way to properly load every Entity that’s mapped programmatically and not with an ugly manually created array:

use Doctrine\Common\Inflector\Inflector;

private function getEntityChoices()

        $choices = array();

        $em = $this->getDoctrine()->getManager();
        $meta = $em->getMetadataFactory()->getAllMetadata();

        foreach ($meta as $m) {

            $r = new \ReflectionClass($m->getName());
            $name = $r->getShortName();
            $name = Inflector::tableize($name);
            $key = Inflector::pluralize($name);

            $choices[$key] = $r->getShortName();



        return $choices;


For this, I also applied Doctrine’s Inflector so I could make the key value of my array the pluralized version of the entity name. This was useful for my purposes, but probably isn’t a standard use case. Most use cases I imagine would simply want the simple class name:

$choices[strtolower($r->getShortName())] = $r->getShortName();


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