While developing, Doctrine Migrations can quickly become obsolete as you adjust your schema in the early stages of development. Nevertheless, Migrations are still a vital part of properly building compatibility for deployments. However, to consolidate and avoid having several (or in my case dozens) Migration Versions before you’ve got a stable schema, I’ve found it very useful to “rebase” my migrations to a single file.

I also try to keep my non entity driven schemas in a separate file, typically Version0.php. All of my recent development work has been on Symfony 2.7 so I have a modified sessions table I use for PDO session management (that’s a separate debate we can have later). This particular file I want to ignore when running this script so I’m left with two consolidated files for my entire schema:

And last but not least, this simply bash script calls upon a file config in the same source directory that has simple configuration values:


Simply run the bash script above and your Migrations files will be cleaned up entirely. You’ll of course want to rebuild your database as well so everything is in sync.

Symfony Tools

This is one script available in a collection of simple scripts I’ve written to help my development



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