How often have you been working on a project and had the nuances of someone else’s style complicate your workflow? Too often if I ask myself. This is why my teams now are almost all universally using phpStorm, and why I absolutely love code styles.

Generally speaking, PSR-2 is a great standard and if it weren’t for a half-dozen or so things I disagree with I would definitely support it. However, I cannot get on board with supporting the standard for conditionals, try/catch, and other minutiae. Fundamentally I agree with 80% or more of the standard and fully support it’s usage and implementation globally 100% but in my teams we use a slightly modified version that improves readability slightly and spacing of code quite a bit.

For anyone interested I’ve included that here:

  • Code style schemes
  • Default project settings
  • File types
  • General settings
  • Tools
  • UI Settings


  • Download litwicki.jar (or and unzip)
  • Open phpStorm
  • File > Import Settings
  • Browse to and select litwicki.jar
  • phpStorm > Preferences > Code Style
  • Select the LITWICKI scheme.
  • Click Apply
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