I am an engineering leader with decades of experience architecting enterprise software solutions, leading high performing teams. I live and breathe software and am particularly passionate about SaaS (cloud) and gaming. 

My expertise is with building, motivating and managing software teams while still being strategically involved with the details and technology. As a software engineer at heart, I still love to build things, even if only to mentor and help coach my colleagues towards their potential. I’ve recently started speaking more and driving teams to adopt DevOps and microservice development practices within Kubernetes and/or SAM solutions.

As Jim Carrey beautifully stated, “you can fail at what you don’t like, so you may as well do what you love.” So if you’d like to chat about video games, grab a craft beer, or commiserate on the exciting challenges of software, please don’t hesitate to shoot me a message.

I’m actively looking for opportunities to speak at events or conferences in the PNW.

Recent Thoughts, Musings & More

A sample of the most recent posts involving life, leadership, reading and other rants & raves.

Radical Candor

Kim Scott and her team at Candor Inc. have decoded the managerial playbook, and it is called Radical Candor.

AWS Codebuild Locally

First, we need to setup our workstation to have a docker image that we can use to mimic codebuild in the wild. For this I’ve setup nodejs, but you can browse the binaries and freely Read more…