I am an engineering leader with over 15 years experience delivering highly distributed and scalable software solutions. My philosophy aggregates the brilliance of total motivation (TOMO), radical candor, and “starting with why,” combined with two decades of experiences building and leading award winning, high performing delivery teams. A craftsman at heart, I am most effective in environments where I can be strategically hands on while fostering the creativity and expertise of my teams.

I’m actively looking for opportunities to speak at events or conferences about Kubernetes, AWS, Biotech, software/leadership, or anything else you’d like to listen to me talk about. I’m always open to meeting for coffee/beer in the Seattle area to talk technology, software, or sports.

Recent Thoughts, Musings & More

A sample of the most recent posts involving life, leadership, reading and other rants & raves.

So good they can’t ignore you

Key Takeaways Career Capital is the essential currency which can lead directly to fulfillment and happiness if “spent” appropriately. For example, after several years of doing great work, it would not be difficult to ask Read more…

Transformation & Nature

One of the driving forces for relocating to the pacific northwest several years ago was to make a concerted effort to be more connected to “the outdoors.” I have since then made a concerted effort Read more…

Amplify React Scaffolding

I have long fancied myself a “backend engineer” and part of my checklist of personal growth after joining the AWS Amplify team was to force myself to get familiar with “frontend” development. ReactJS seemed an Read more…