June 19, 2017

Basic Prototype App with Symfony3

The objective of this is to build a simple route, and controller that handles this entire “application.” The components of this simple prototype are essentially a bunch of HTML pages with interaction hard-coded or baked into the twig templates. So the objective here is to build the structure such that building a new template is all that is required and the application will then pick it up. Assumptions Separately a custom controller handles exception catching and 404 errors. Everything, including authentication/authorization can be “faked” Presumably you’d hide this behind HTTP-Basic or keep local only. The Route

The Controller

How it Works Now all you need to do is build your filenames to…

March 23, 2017

Improve Symfony3 cache/logs performance by environment

Tired of the permission errors with your cache/logs in a Vagrant environment? Me too! After being mildly annoyed with having to manually delete /var/cache and /var/logs repeatedly during “local” development, I decided to brut force matters into my own hands and solve this little annoyance once and for all. Ironically, Symfony 3.3 is addressing some of this, so it may be obsolete by then, but in the meantime… What are we doing here? Define cache and logs directories for a specific environment. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could customize these as parameters in the FrameworkBundle? Yes, yes it would! Write a simple CacheCommand that overrides the default cache:clear PARTY!!!! Customize your getCacheDir and getLogDir methods by…

February 7, 2017

Symfony3: JWT Authentication w/ Login Attempt Limits

One of my current projects is using JWT Authentication for an API built on Symfony (shocker, I know). One of the things I wanted to build into this was a limiter on the number of “login” attempts for the API that would lock someone out for x minutes after n failed attempts; mirroring typical traditional form login behavior. This was accomplished with the following components: Separate non-entity-driven database table Parameters for defining the number of minutes to lock and the number of attempts before triggering a a lock. A simple handler to check our table and do some simple maintenance and querying. Separate non-entity-driven database table The database table to track login attempts needed…