XML-RPC failure on PHP7.x

Recently I was told by the WordPress app that my site was in fact not a WordPress site, which I found a bit odd. Particularly because it certainly is! After sleuthing and debugging I discovered that while on PHP7 this is not an uncommon issue.

After some head scratching, I found that the XML-RPC “api” was failing for a couple reasons.

I received weird “parse error. not well formed” messages, with error code -32700.

If you’re seeing this, or having issues using the WordPress app (or any other API dependent service) with a wordpress site running on PHP7, chances are you’re in the same boat.

Finally, I identified that I simply needed to change my password to not contain non alpha-numeric characters. An odd bug I hope gets resolved soon as that’s a completely unnecessary security limitation!

Ansible PHP7 (Ubuntu)

You can download and use the role here: https://github.com/litwicki/ansible-php7



Using Ansible + Vagrant to build a PHP7 LEMP Stack!

I have recently fallen deeply in love with Ansible; thanks largely to my new position at Fresh Consulting. As such I’ve found it incredibly fun to tinker and learn in my spare time and recently decided to tackle PHP7 for a variety of reasons. My pet project CamelotHub was a perfect playground, and I’ve managed to take a playbook from phansible and modify it to build a stable LEMP stack using PHP7, PHP7-FPM, and NGINX 1.9+