July 27, 2016

Version Your Database

There are numerous benefits of having a standardized local development environment for your entire team to work on and share. This arrangement is essential for reducing bugs and interchanging team members amongst projects – a topic discussed at length in Vagrant Up Can Make Development Easier. One of the major milestones to achieve in your team’s workflow is assuring everyone is working on the same version of your back-end. This is most often a database of some kind. Whether NoSQL, relational (MySQL, SQL Server), or serverless, we recommend standardizing and versioning your data to ensure the greatest efficiency. Typical best practices require that each developer has his/her own copy of…

June 18, 2015

Rebase your database migrations to a single class file quickly

While developing, Doctrine Migrations can quickly become obsolete as you adjust your schema in the early stages of development. Nevertheless, Migrations are still a vital part of properly building compatibility for deployments. However, to consolidate and avoid having several (or in my case dozens) Migration Versions before you’ve got a stable schema, I’ve found it very useful to “rebase” my migrations to a single file. I also try to keep my non entity driven schemas in a separate file, typically Version0.php. All of my recent development work has been on Symfony 2.7 so I have a modified sessions table I use for PDO session management (that’s a separate debate we can have later)….