April 16, 2018

Working to Live

While on vacation and marveling at something I have waited my entire life to marvel at in person, I was frequently reminded of how extremely blessed I am to have such amazing opportunities that afford me the luxury of travel with my family to exploring the magnificence of things like the Grand Canyon. I would hope that everyone of my colleagues and fellow professionals could share the same sentiment of feeling like they are working to “live” and experience life to the fullest while being professionally fulfilled. What a life that would be.

December 21, 2017

The 48 Laws of Power

Understanding that much of this book is exaggeration and/or conjecture, I have found there to be shockingly appropriate “laws” that I have immediate real-life examples to reflect upon. Coincidentally they happen to also be the first two laws: Never Outshine “The Master.” In my younger years, I thought the ambition and passion were enough (and transparent) to warrant praise and recognition, and it was shocking to me when executives in one particular former company would deliberately muffle or silence the efforts I was taking with completely honest intentions. Looking back this makes perfect sense now as their technical and professional insecurities were on full display. Never put too Much Trust…