July 8, 2016

Must have Vagrant plugins

Landrush If you’re a full-stack developer or otherwise involved in multi-tiered application development, you’ll often find your applications littered with various subdomains. For example api, kb, mail, etc. These can be incredibly cumbersome to setup locally when developing, and Landrush is the answer. Once installed, you’ll be able to configure countless subdomains with your Vagrantfile, and minimize the headache of getting to work!

Ansible The ansible plugin allows you to run playbooks from Vagrant, completely optimizing your ability to deploy development machines with reusable playbooks and/or roles on your workstation.

You can find more information about the plugin at the official Hashicorp documentation.

October 5, 2015

Wildcard subdomain Apache + Vagrant

Ever needed to setup a local SaaS app development server? Is your /etc/hosts file a mess? Me too! Landrush to the rescue! Previously you’d setup dnsmasq locally to handle this on your physical machine, but if you’re in Vagrant you need to point to the IP of the virtual machine via Vagrant so it gets messy. Landrush is a magical piece of software that handles setting up a daemon in your Vagrant machine that solves this across the board. Simply install the vagrant plugin locally:

Next, setup your Vagrantfile to properly set the hostname and the daemon to list on *.{hostname}