May 2, 2018

Enable Continuing Education on Your Teams

How many of us as technology leaders are told in our regular 1×1 with our team members that folks want to learn new things and work on the latest and greatest? Hopefully all of us, right? A quick and painless way of enabling people to scratch the surface is with tools like Pluralsight. My teams all have access to channels I create and share with specific topics and subject matter I want them to focus on as it relates to our projects. There are of course similar free tools available, but the ROI on an investment like Pluralsight or Udemy is in my experience more than worth the cost. Here…

April 4, 2018

Docker Compose with ENV variables

Many (all) of my teams are adopting Docker for a full devops workflow and in doing so docker-compose is the de-facto standard for managing an application stack. However, the more sophisticated applications require configuration nuances between environments. In AWS for example, one region may not have a service that is available in your other regions. Obviously you would try to avoid that scenario. However a far more common scenario is simply that your local environment will be connecting to other containers, while your staging and production environments will likely be communicating with “live” services. In any case, the simplest way to manage this across a large team is by using…

February 28, 2018

Helping Transform Engineering at SterlingTS

Today I had the wonderful pleasure of championing several technology initiatives with my colleagues in Bellevue during an all-hands technology town-hall. We focused specifically on implementing Docker across our teams for our end-to-end development lifecycle, which is going to transform how we build software. Our teams are doing really amazing work with some of the most talented engineers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I am really excited for what we are doing this year, and my teams are looking for passionate software engineers who want to build transformative SaaS applications and tackle software challenges across many microservices and legacy applications. Also posted on LinkedIn.