May 2, 2018

Enable Continuing Education on Your Teams

How many of us as technology leaders are told in our regular 1×1 with our team members that folks want to learn new things and work on the latest and greatest? Hopefully all of us, right? A quick and painless way of enabling people to scratch the surface is with tools like Pluralsight. My teams all have access to channels I create and share with specific topics and subject matter I want them to focus on as it relates to our projects. There are of course similar free tools available, but the ROI on an investment like Pluralsight or Udemy is in my experience more than worth the cost. Here…

February 2, 2018

Email notification on new artifact build using AWS Lambda

Assumptions: You have installed and configured AWS CLI You have a third party mail service setup already (we use mailgun for this example). The entire process for this simple effort requires a handful of steps: Install SAM Local Define your Lambda in AWS Console (can also do so using CLI) Write your function! SAM Local First, let’s install SAM Local. SAM Local is an amazing tool written by Paul Maddox from the AWS team that allows you to build and test Lambda functions locally. npm install -g aws-sam-local Later, we’ll use event.json as a sample file we test our function with, so build that quickly; for example:

Define your Lambda in…

November 19, 2017

re:Invent 2017!

I am so excited to be going to re:Invent this year. Coupled with the opportunity to visit with some family, it’s going to be an extremely action-packed week of pure awesome. It felt like college course selection all over again, except there were too many that I was interested in and I did my best to pack every second of the day instead of only classes that started after lunch. Being an adult is cool sometimes.