October 4, 2016

Modular application architecture with Symfony bundles

Being a software engineer and architect I often think of ways to simplify and/or compartmentalize the development efforts of projects/products I work on. This is one of my favorite and most endearing aspects of Symfony that has led me so often to using it for custom application development. (It doesn’t hurt that the recent release of PHP7 has been so fundamentally well regarded for its dramatic performance improvements). I’ve written about this approach before in an article “Planning Your Tech Stack,” but this in particular goes into more depth and a particular example use-case using Symfony. One of the great “things” about Symfony is the concept of a Bundle or…

June 29, 2015

Architecting on AWS, Day 1

I have the great pleasure of participating in a 3 day course Architecting on AWS and wanted to share a high level understanding as a way to both share the basics for anyone “on the fence” for jumping to AWS or not, and also selfishly to help me understand and remember more clearly as I go through the course.

Some interesting things I’ve learned today: