September 3, 2016

Planning Your Technology Stack

Architecting an application and deciding on the key components of the technology stack that go into building it is an important task. If software hadn’t worked out as a career, my backup was construction. There are many similarities – from crafting the blueprints to laying the foundation, from choosing your materials to building the structure – that help explain the process of planning your tech stack. The thought that goes into this is similar to the thought that goes into purchasing and building a house. You want to make the choices that will sit well with you for years to come because this is a big decision. However, it’s equally…

August 19, 2015

Angular + Symfony file upload with AWS S3

First, using the fantastic work of Jenny Louthan of Uncorked Studios, implement this directive:

Secondly, write the Angular function to handle the upload:

Third, write the action in Symfony to process the file upload, with the proper route: path/to/routes.yml


Now, referencing my previous post on setting up Liip + Gaufrette + AwsS3 I’ll assume you’ve configured and set that up properly. Given that, you’d adjust your imageUploadAction as follows. However, to start, you’ll need a FileManager service to properly manage the files to Aws S3 as configured. app/config/parameters.yml



Finally, the whole Action:


July 30, 2015

Custom angular smart-table pagination template

Short and sweet. Implemented smart-table on a new project, and needed to customize the pagination template. This is simply an override of the default found in smart-table.js