I am an engineering leader with over 15 years experience architecting, building, and managing software organizations; I live and breathe software. My expertise is with building, motivating and managing software teams while still being involved in the details and technology myself; a coder at heart, I still love to build things with my hands, even if only to mentor and help coach teams on their way to being successful.

I enjoy viewing life through the lens of a video game where there is always an opportunity to level up! As Jim Carrey beautifully stated, “you can fail at what you don’t like, so you may as well do what you love” and that is why I continue to focus day-to-day on building and managing software engineering organizations and creating awesome software that improves or enlightens people around the world.

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Cyrus Biotechnology, a biotech software company offering tools for advanced protein modeling and discovery in drug development, has named Jake Litwicki its VP of engineering.


Migrate Issues from Github to Jira

So you're ready to upgrade to Jira and implement some real processes and integrations across enterprise tools, and join the big leagues. How do you migrate all your useful data from Github to Jira?


The Greatest: My Own Story

Muhammad Ali is one of those grandiose famous athletes few people have not heard of, but after reading this memoir I would be shocked if many were unaware of the man behind the boxing gloves.

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