May 26, 2015

A standard .gitignore for Symfony applications

I use phpStorm for most of my development unless I plan to get in and out very quickly, at which point I use SublimeText. phpStorm has a very useful tool to auto-generate a .gitignore file, but it doesn’t quite cover all the bases for my development environments (usually including Vagrant). In either case, it’s always very useful to have a properly defined .gitignore so when you go to commit you’re not dealing with cleaning up files you didn’t want published, or silly environment files, docs, etc.


May 22, 2015

Yet Another LEMP Vagrant DEV Machine

This is my latest LEMP dev build. It’s carefully crafted after days of tweaking to include the following: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS NGINX 1.8.0 PHP 5.6 (latest, currently 5.6.9) Ruby 2.2.2 (via RVM) Compass Sass Bundler CYAML curl openssl xdebug Composer You can find it here, be sure to update the variables in the bash script to your specific parameters. Usage


May 21, 2015

Automate install and setup of RVM/Ruby with Compass/Sass in Vagrant

My teams use development environments powered by Vagrant, which I¬†highly recommend. This however requires we either maintain or manage a variety of recipes/cookbooks, or that we bootstrap our dev virtual machines identically. I generally prefer the latter to avoid issues with connecting to Chef that have burned me in the past, or just general third-party woes. Bootstrapping an app then requires some scripting to properly setup Ruby and thereby Compass and Sass gems which we use for compiling our assets. That being said, we’ve chosen to use RVM instead of rbenv or any of the alternatives just because it suits us best. I’m not evangelical one way or the other….