August 9, 2015

AwsS3 + LiipImagineBundle + KnpGaufretteBundle + Symfony2.7+

If I could spare anyone even a fraction of the time it took me to configure this properly I can only imagine the time saved, given the last two days of head pounding I’ve gone through to finally make this correctly work with the latest AWS SDK (v3.2.5). So all that under the bridge, here’s a final config to have your images, and any (all) associated filters cached in your S3 buckets. app/config/parameters.yml


/path/to/services.yml note: you could also just include this in app/config/config.yml


August 4, 2015

Symfony3 is Coming

Symfony3 is in fact coming; and I for one am extremely excited. We built Vennli on Symfony 2.3, and have tried to follow an upgrade path in parallel as best we can. With Symfony3 however, there are substantial improvements and changes, and the dreaded drop-off of backwards compatibility for deprecation from Symfony 2.x. The following video does a great job of giving an overview of some of the major changes in structure, PSR, and upgradability. Symfony3 Is Coming – Minitalk from Atlanta PHP User Group on Vimeo. Also see my other post on Symfony3 directory structure changes in more depth.

July 30, 2015

Custom angular smart-table pagination template

Short and sweet. Implemented smart-table on a new project, and needed to customize the pagination template. This is simply an override of the default found in smart-table.js