Write failed, broken pipe!

My team and I regularly deal with remote SSH connections to AWS and other third party services, and part of that requires several concurrent terminal sessions running scripts, processes, etc.

Frequently, we encounter the dreaded:

There are a couple ways to mitigate this:

SSH Configuration

Add the following:


Screen is a full-screen window manager that multiplexes a physical terminal between several processes, typically interactive shells. Each virtual terminal provides the functions of the DEC VT100 terminal and, in addition, several control functions from the ISO 6429 (ECMA 48, ANSI X3.64) and ISO 2022 standards (e.g. insert/delete line and support for multiple character sets). There is a scrollback history buffer for each virtual terminal and a copy-and-paste mechanism that allows the user to move text regions between windows. When screen is called, it creates a single window with a shell in it (or the specified command) and then gets out of your way so that you can use the program as you normally would. Then, at any time, you can create new (full-screen) windows with other programs in them (including more shells), kill the current window, view a list of the active windows, turn output logging on and off, copy text between windows, view the scrollback history, switch between windows, etc. All windows run their programs completely independent of each other. Programs continue to run when their window is currently not visible and even when the whole screen session is detached from the user’s terminal.

If your session terminates or fails for some reason, using Screen you can quickly continue back where you left off with the previous session:


“Smart” Accessor in Doctrine Entity

Easily add some logic to filter out specific entities from an ArrayCollection in Symfony2. In this simple example, I wrote an app that had Node, and Comment entities separately, as well as an explicitly defined NodeComment entity. In my Node entity, I want to serialize all of the associated comments. But rather than call ->getNodeComments() and then filter in AngularJS (or Twig, or whatever else for that matter), I just want to know that my object node.comments are the actual comments I care about.

The Entity property

The Accessor

Now, my serialized object.comments are the actual comments, instead of the ManyToMany Entity.

Family Vacation

I remember as a kid the family vacation was the highlight of the entire summer. Strangely it rarely mattered where we went until I was “that age” but pre-angsty-teen vacation was just awesome no matter what.

As a father of two now, I completely understand why at the end of every vacation my dad acted as if he was just released from a POW camp.

This past week we took our kids to Indianapolis to visit the Indianapolis Zoo, Children’s Museum, and Indy Raceway, and while the “I love you Daddy’s” and the looks on my kids faces for the last three days were worth every penny we spent, I actually told my wife for the first time that I cannot wait to go back to work. A strange paradigm indeed, coupled with an strange sense of admiration for my parents somehow managing similar excursions to Disney and various places throughout my childhood with four kids.



Separately, I clearly need to invest in a real camera, as an embarrassing amount of vacation pictures are artfully cornered with my finger(s).