Introducing litwicki/chargify-bundle

This implementation leverages an object-oriented approach to replicating all of the entities available via the API. From there, each of the Model entities are manipulated with Handlers that allow full control of the entire API layer.

As of this post, v1 is the only integrated support, but v2 (Chargify Direct) is being developed as I write this.


Follow installation instructions on the repository README


Full Documentation

Full documentation can be found here: Litwicki Chargify Bundle Documentation

Releasing simple helper library and utilities

litwicki/common –

A set of helper functions and utilities with a wide variety of use.


  • cURL class


  • Several commonly used selection arrays for forms (month, year, country, state, etc)



Build an array of states, keyed by abbreviation:

Build a cURL object..

phpStorm Code Styles

How often have you been working on a project and had the nuances of someone else’s style complicate your workflow? Too often if I ask myself. This is why my teams now are almost all universally using phpStorm, and why I absolutely love code styles.

Generally speaking, PSR-2 is a great standard and if it weren’t for a half-dozen or so things I disagree with I would definitely support it. However, I cannot get on board with supporting the standard for conditionals, try/catch, and other minutiae. Fundamentally I agree with 80% or more of the standard and fully support it’s usage and implementation globally 100% but in my teams we use a slightly modified version that improves readability slightly and spacing of code quite a bit.

For anyone interested I’ve included that here:

  • Code style schemes
  • Default project settings
  • File types
  • General settings
  • Tools
  • UI Settings


  • Download litwicki.jar (or and unzip)
  • Open phpStorm
  • File > Import Settings
  • Browse to and select litwicki.jar
  • phpStorm > Preferences > Code Style
  • Select the LITWICKI scheme.
  • Click Apply