SterlingTS Releasing PHP Decoupler Open Source!

I am extremely proud today to officially release the php-decoupler from SterlingTS as an open-source project that my colleague Ken Ploeger and I will be maintaining at Sterling Talent Solutions.

Ken led the vast majority of the efforts of this project in parallel with helping lead our globalization efforts at Sterling for our flagship SterlingONE product. This tool allowed us to dramatically increase our efficiency in upgrading our legacy PHP platform to a more modern MVC architecture in an incremental approach without the need to “boil the ocean” and rewrite the entire platform (as many of us software folks love to do).

We’re looking forward to maintaining and expanding this project, and continuing to support the PHP ecosystem for enterprise software-as-a-service software companies.


Email notification on new artifact build using AWS Lambda


  1. You have installed and configured AWS CLI
  2. You have a third party mail service setup already (we use mailgun for this example).

The entire process for this simple effort requires a handful of steps:

  1. Install SAM Local
  2. Define your Lambda in AWS Console (can also do so using CLI)
  3. Write your function!

SAM Local

First, let’s install SAM Local.

SAM Local is an amazing tool written by Paul Maddox from the AWS team that allows you to build and test Lambda functions locally.

npm install -g aws-sam-local

Later, we’ll use event.json as a sample file we test our function with, so build that quickly; for example:

Define your Lambda in AWS Console

You can easily simplify this process using the aws cli but for this we’ll simply share a simple step-by-step that outlines the function for a first time developer.

  1. Create a New Function
    1. Author from scratch
    2. Name it something you’ll recognize later
    3. Runtime Node.js 6.1.0
    4. Role Choose an Existing Role
    5. Select a Role that has policies to execute Lambda functions, and access SSM Parameter Store (and anything else your function will be doing).
  2. Function Designer
    1. Select S3 from the left column
    2. Scroll down to Configure Triggers
    3. Select an appropriate bucket, and then make sure you have the trigger enabled.

Write your Function

Once complete, we’ll be zipping our node_modules and index.js file and uploading them to the Function via the console.

Testing Your Function

First, SAM will need a template.yml file to work correctly.

From here, you can test your function and iterate as you develop locally with the command below:

sam local invoke "MyFunction" -e event.json

Start with Why

Start with Why answers some of the most complex questions about business and culture in the most obvious of ways that has left me honestly confused. I am not sure how this kind of brilliance has eluded business culture for so long, and yet it makes perfect sense that the best companies in the world; certainly the ones that have the most interest from a talent perspective, attribute the philosophies found in Simon Sinek’s book.

Perhaps the simplest explanation is simply that Culture = Value * Behavior. That is to say the values of your organization are literally meaningless if the behavior of the individuals at the organization do not mirror them; this is particularly true of the leadership and executive level.

Simon imagines a world where everyone was thrilled to wake up in the morning and go to work, and was fulfilled by the work they do, and in this masterful work of words I leave with the same optimism.

If you’re looking for a way to redirect your career, or you’re a leader looking to refine the culture of your team or organization then look no further: Start with Why