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A Car With No Name

My kids have always named everything. Our cars, TVs, you name it. As it’s getting closer to the likelihood of owning a Model 3, I am beginning to wonder; what should we name it.

As our Buick is named Bjorn, and our RAM 1500 Ragnar, my personal vote is Thor.


Basic Prototype App with Symfony3

The objective of this is to build a simple route, and controller that handles this entire “application.”

The components of this simple prototype are essentially a bunch of HTML pages with interaction hard-coded or baked into the twig templates. So the objective here is to build the structure such that building a new template is all that is required and the application will then pick it up.


  1. Separately a custom controller handles exception catching and 404 errors.
  2. Everything, including authentication/authorization can be “faked”
    1. Presumably you’d hide this behind HTTP-Basic or keep local only.

The Route

The Controller

How it Works

Now all you need to do is build your filenames to match and you can create template files that work out of the box.

Now your routes map to filenames, which for the purposes of a simple static HTML prototype makes things very easy for any designer or developer to add and work with:

Route (path) Template filename
/jake/home DemoBundle\Resources\views\Jake\home.html.twig
/auth/forgot-password DemoBundle\Resources\views\Auth\forgot-password.html.twig
/jake/dashboard DemoBundle\Resources\views\Jake\dashboard.html.twig

The death of my friend MP3

In the wake of recent news Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS has officially put the MP3 out to pasture, I am reminded of the joys technology can bring to our lives.

Excluding the moral debate (or not) of a particular file-sharing platform, I recall my non-malicious use of said platform very fondly as I was a teenager discovering music in ways exponentially faster than my parents did a generation before. At the time I was the lucky one with a broadband connection, and my friends and I would binge share music we had discovered. I distinctly remember being introduced to a local band in Chicago named SOiL (a must if you enjoy hard-rock/metal). Something I would have never discovered without the advent of the MP3 and thereby file-sharing in its infancy, like it or not. Similar experiences followed with Mudvayne, Local H, Chevelle, From Zero and even Brawl (before they became Disturbed, we “ripped” their CDs and shared voraciously).

Rest In Peace MP3; my old friend.