January 23, 2018

Start with Why

Start with Why answers some of the most complex questions about business and culture in the most obvious of ways that has left me honestly confused. I am not sure how this kind of brilliance has eluded business culture for so long, and yet it makes perfect sense that the best companies in the world; certainly the ones that have the most interest from a talent perspective, attribute the philosophies found in Simon Sinek’s book.

Perhaps the simplest explanation is simply that Culture = Value * Behavior. That is to say the values of your organization are literally meaningless if the behavior of the individuals at the organization do not mirror them; this is particularly true of the leadership and executive level.

Simon imagines a world where everyone was thrilled to wake up in the morning and go to work, and was fulfilled by the work they do, and in this masterful work of words I leave with the same optimism.

If you’re looking for a way to redirect your career, or you’re a leader looking to refine the culture of your team or organization then look no further: Start with Why