August 9, 2015

AwsS3 + LiipImagineBundle + KnpGaufretteBundle + Symfony2.7+

If I could spare anyone even a fraction of the time it took me to configure this properly I can only imagine the time saved, given the last two days of head pounding I’ve gone through to finally make this correctly work with the latest AWS SDK (v3.2.5).

So all that under the bridge, here’s a final config to have your images, and any (all) associated filters cached in your S3 buckets.



note: you could also just include this in app/config/config.yml



4 thoughts on “AwsS3 + LiipImagineBundle + KnpGaufretteBundle + Symfony2.7+

    1. Can you confirm that the %s3_bucket% parameter is properly set, and also that the bucket itself exists and has proper read/write permissions? If I remember correctly you’ll need to have those cache buckets created and permissions set in order for Liip to correctly send cached files there, otherwise it will fail.

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