“Smart” Accessor in Doctrine Entity

Easily add some logic to filter out specific entities from an ArrayCollection in Symfony2. In this simple example, I wrote an app that had Node, and Comment entities separately, as well as an explicitly defined NodeComment entity. In my Node entity, I want to serialize all of the associated comments. But rather than call ->getNodeComments() and then filter in AngularJS (or Twig, or whatever else for that matter), I just want to know that my object node.comments are the actual comments I care about.

The Entity property

The Accessor

Now, my serialized object.comments are the actual comments, instead of the ManyToMany Entity.

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  1. Why don’t you use array_map (or ArrayCollection::map())?

    return $this->node_comments->map(function ($nodeComment) {
    return $nodeComment->getComment();

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